Are there any side effects in using laser for hair removal?

After thinking through I’ve decided I’ll try the permanent hair removal with the help of laser. I made an appointment and it was so worth it.

I immediately was happy to see the results. Indeed your hair it is burned from the root and in time it disappear. I only did two sessions so far and I must say it is worth doing it if you have a hair problem like me. For a woman, I have lots of hair all over my body. I think it is because of my hormones because I got all that amount of hair after using the contraceptive oral pill. Anyway, let’s get back to laser.

Before trying laser hair removal machines I asked the lady doctor what may be the side effects. First she protected my eyes with some glasses, because as I understand some injuries may occur because of the power of laser light. Second she asked me if I got tanned recently, and luckily I wasn’t. The procedure it can not be done if you are tanned because your skin can be burned, so be aware of this before you do laser.

in my experience the only side effect I had was the red skin I got at the beginning but in time it fades away so no need to get scared. Ohh, and I experienced a bit of itching during and after the session but my doctor told me it is normal to happen. And not to forget the little pain you feel it, but this various from person to person. And if you are a sensitive person then the doctor can use a numbing cream so problem solved.

In other words, if you are thinking of trying this laser treatment go for it, it is so worth it.

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